Wednesday 20th May - Saturday 6th June 2020 / Europa Hotel


Production Details

#OhMyCod The Brand-New Comedy by Aileen Bartlett. A story of 2 ordinary shop assistants in a ‘Chippy’ in the heart of Belfast and the dodgy events that conspire to create chaos in their lives. Hurrying in to work to serve up sausage suppers and battered Mars Bars, 19-year-old Padraigin announces she is late - not late for work but ‘late’. Could she be up the duff to ‘useless as a wooden poker,’ Tucker? She prays to Padrio Pio she isn’t. Meanwhile, Dolly Parton fan, 40-year-old Kathy, who should know better, has entered a big song contest. Meanwhile, fish suppers, pastie baps and half onion rings are flying out the door. Yes, #OhMyCod could be a chippy anywhere. But this is Belfast and when a dodgy visitor accidently leaves something behind in the shop, the very existence of the #OhMyCod is thrown into chaos.

With sparkling dialogue and great characterisation, this hilarious comedy heralds the arrival of Aileen Bartlett as the latest new Ulster comedy writing talent.



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Dates and Venues

Europa Hotel, Belfast Wednesday 20th May - Saturday 30th May Book
Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, Newry Tuesday 2nd June Book
Old Courthouse, Antrim Wednesday 3rd June Book
Market Place Theatre, Armagh Thursday 4th June Book
The Burnavon, Cookstown Friday 5th June Book
Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey Saturday 6th June Book
The Devenish Complex, Belfast Sunday 7th June Book