History of The Peace (Accordin’ to my MA)

27 August - 1 September / The Grand Opera House, Belfast

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Production Details

‘The History Of The Peace (accordin’ to my MA!), the brilliant sequel to The History Of The Troubles (accordin’ to my Da) is back at the Grand Opera House.

A peaceful tale of street protests, riots, guns, bombings, the RHI Scandal, the latest Stormont collapse and even more riots, PEACE also sees the return of the legendary Firebell, joined of course, by a host of hilarious new characters including, Pineapple the paramilitary, Stacey the Flegs woman, Roberto the Flute band leader and many more.

And as expected from Lynch, Grimes & McKee, PEACE will be especially updated to rip the a*se out of the very latest ‘peaceful’ events in Norn Iron.’

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Dates and Venues

Grand Opera House, Belfast 27 August - 1 September Book
Market Place Theatre, Armagh 22 August - 23 August Book
Newcastle Community Cinema, Newcastle 24 August Book
Newry Town Hall, Newry 25 August
Riverside, Coleraine 3 September Book
The Braid, Ballymena 4 September Book
Ardhowen, Enniskillen 5 September - 6 September
Burnavon, Cookstown 7 September Book
Millennium Forum, Derry 8 September Book