History of the Peace (accordin to my Ma)

13th April - 21st May 2016 / Grand Opera House

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The History Of The Peace (accordin’ to my Ma)
by Martin Lynch and Grimes & McKee
From the team that brought you The History Of The Troubles (accordin’ to my Da) comes the comedy sequel, The History Of The Peace (accordin’ to my Ma !). A peaceful tale of street protests, riots, guns, bombings and more riots.
Karen Reid is a Belfast community worker struggling to keep house and family together in the face of Northern Ireland’s unique form of peace. Through the 1994 ceasefires, the Good Friday Agreement, the Chuckle Brothers and the ‘fleg’ protests, she fervently believes in a new Northern Ireland.
Thankfully, Karen has the ‘total support’ of her loyal band of friends such as: Fireball - now working in Roselawn Crematorium - her dingbat best friend, Stacy, flute band leader, Roberto, Pineapple the paramilitary, Claire, the secret lesbian, Aaron, the serial ‘fleg’ protester and many more.
Featuring the return of Fireball !

Contains some strong language.

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Dates and Venues

Grand Opera House, Belfast 18th - 30th April Book
Marketplace Theatre, Armagh 13th - 14th April Book
Millennium Forum, Derry/LDerry 15th - 16th April Book
Old Court House, Antrim 3rd May Book
Iveagh Cinema, Banbridge 4th May Book
Strule Arts Centre, Omagh 5th - 6th May Book
Garage Theatre, Monaghan 10th - 11th May Book
Burnavon, Cookstown 12th - 13th May Book
Great Hall, Downpartick 14th May Book
Newcastle Arts Centre 15th May Book
Ardowen, Enniskillen 17th - 18th May Book
Riverside Theatre, Coleraine 19th - 20th May Book
Alley Theatre. Strabane 21th May Book