GBL recommends - Flesh and Blood Women

Wed 7th - Sat 24th May / Baby Grand Studio, Grand Opera House

Flesh and Blood Women

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GBL Productions recommends Green Shoot Production’s Flesh and Blood Women - three dynamic new short plays by three Belfast writers, exploring the kind of stories about women that seldom see the light of day.

Writing for the theatre for the first time, Dawn Purvis’ play tells of a child’s observation of life on a Belfast street during the Ulster Worker’s Strike in May 1974. Ballymurphy playwright, Brenda Murphy (A Night With George) tells the extraordinary (true) story of her mother having six children to a married man who lived with his own family around the corner. Whilst Jo Egan’s play tells a stunning story of two sisters with conflicting memories about a life-changing incident from their childhood.

Be prepared to be shocked, to laugh, cry and perhaps even shout out loud at these amazing Belfast stories that happened right under our noses.

With this production, Green Shoot is attempting to redress the historical imbalance in Ulster theatre where very often, women have played a secondary role. We believe that this might be the first production in the history of Ulster Theatre to have a completely all-female production team. The Writers, Director, Designer, Production Staff and Project Manager are all women.

All three plays will be presented on one night. Aprox. 45 mins a piece.

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Baby Grand Studio, Grand Opera House Wed 7th - Sat 24th May 2014 Book