A Night With George

12th - 17th May 2014 / The Errigle Inn

A Night With George

Production Details

Once upon a time in a land far far away a woman sits alone in her Ballymurphy house with nothing more than a glass of vodka & coke and a life size George Clooney. 

This is where we meet the lovely Bridie Murphy, a woman with a story to tell!!!

Bridies life has been full of up and downs until one night she meets the man of her dreams, this is the beginning of a truly remarkable fairytale.

A Night With George is riotous comedy that’s perfect for a good night out.  A Night With George is a treat not to be missed.

So grab a glass of Vodka & Coke and join Bridie for a night not to be missed.

With razor sharp Belfast humour, this hilarious night of theatre is sure to leave everyone wishing that they too could spend A Night With George!

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Dates and Venues

The Errigle Inn 12th - 17th May