Wednesday 14 March 2018

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Screen shot 2018-03-14 at 13.12.35

Following on from last year’s sell out run, Stephen Larges, Three’s A Shroud makes a come back to the Waterfront. For generations, Catholic undertakers in Belfast have buried Catholics and Protestant undertakers have buried Protestants. So, you’d think now that we have peace (mostly), we could stick to these rules? But no. 

When veteran undertaker, Gerry McSorely, finds his Catholic customers being stolen by young Protestant rival, Basil Gray, an undertaking war breaks out. It gets worse when young Polish woman, Irena Bukowski’s cut-price, new-age, interdenominational funeral home usurps them both. 

Joined by a host of outrageous characters including; Gerry McSorely, The hilarious cleaner Mrs Johnston, Paramilitary leader Graham Stitt (who gives a must-see eulogy for his DA – Gusty) and Simon the struggling undertaking apprentice. 

Three’s A Shroud is loosely based on a true story.

Irish News – “This undoubtedly was a hilarious night out”

Belfast Telegraph – “Graham Stitt’s eulogy for his Da - Gusty - was something special   both in delivery and content”

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